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Rout & seal and joint resealing preserves existing pavement and extends its useful life. Rout & seal involves routing out the roadway material with a saw, then filling the crack with a hot pour mixture. Many transportation departments have increased the amount of rout & seal that they perform because research has shown that early crack sealing extends pavement life and preventive maintenance saves money. These maintenance treatments are relatively inexpensive. Crack sealing ensures roadway structural integrity and extends the time between major rehabilitation. Joint resealing is frequently done subsequent to diamond grinding concrete pavement. The diamond grinding process removes the old seal and resealing the joints helps preserve the pavement by preventing water and incompressible material from getting into the cracks and causing more damage.

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Quality, Motivated Workforce

Interstate Improvement, Inc. employs a quality, highly motivated workforce. Our field employees travel nationwide from project to project. Prevailing Wage and Union Fringe Benefits apply on a project basis.


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Gallery of Work
Interstate Improvement, Inc. is a General Highway Contractor with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship and excellence in management. We are proud of our tradition of innovative and superior work. View our expertise at work in this gallery of images.

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Healthy Operating Conditions

It is the policy of Interstate Improvement, Inc. to provide safe, healthy working conditions and operating practices on all job sites.  Accident prevention is the responsibility of each and every person employed by our company.

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