Interstate Improvement, Inc.

Interstate Improvement, Inc. has become a nationwide leader in concrete pavement rehabilitation. We offer a full package of concrete pavement rehabilitation solutions to State, Federal and Local Governments.

Full/Partial Depth Repair

Full-depth repair involves removing and replacing a portion of or full concrete panel to the bottom of the concrete in order to restore the deteriorated areas ... >>

Dowel Bar Retrofit

Age and high traffic volume drastically affect the ride quality and load transfer ability of concrete pavement. Poor load transfer rates can lead to joint faulting ... >>

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is a proven, cost effective means of restoring ride quality. It re-textures worn surfaces with a longitudinal texture. Diamond grinding also removes ... >>

Joint Sealing

Rout & seal and joint resealing preserves existing pavement and extends its useful life. Rout & seal is performed on either concrete or asphalt pavements and involves ... >>

Bridge Deck Maintenance

Bridge Deck Maintenance services such as Shot blasting, Epoxy concrete overlay, Polyester concrete overlay, Joint and deck repairs, Bridge deck grinding... >>




Quality, Motivated Workforce

Interstate Improvement, Inc. employs a quality, highly motivated workforce. Our field employees travel nationwide from project to project. Prevailing Wage and Union Fringe Benefits apply on a project basis.


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Gallery of Work
Interstate Improvement, Inc. is a General Highway Contractor with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship and excellence in management. We are proud of our tradition of innovative and superior work. View our expertise at work in this gallery of images.

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Healthy Operating Conditions

It is the policy of Interstate Improvement, Inc. to provide safe, healthy working conditions and operating practices on all job sites.  Accident prevention is the responsibility of each and every person employed by our company.

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